​Unable to pass through continuously fired bullets of the Tajiks, Madina fell down and was bleeding for 40 minutes

  • 3 года мурун

Madina Rakhmatjanova, 12, who died in a mortar attack by Tajiks, was laid to rest
today, April 30.

On April 29, Tajik armed forces attacked by the means of mortars and automatic
weapons the village of International in the Leilek district where she lived, she with
her mother, Narbubu, and her young sister were fleeing to a safe place in a
neighboring village.

The fragments of the mortar shell also hit Medina. Unable to get past the bullets
fired by the Tajiks, the mother was unable to reach her bleeding daughter for about
40 minutes. When the bullets calmed down and Narbubu reached her daughter, she
bled profusely.

Neighbors and neighbors picked her up and took her to the village
hospital, where they were told she was in critical condition. Unfortunately, Madina
Rakhmatjanova passed away not reaching the hospital.

Photo taken from the Internet

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